what a fun night! it was great to see everyone!

Diane Vanden Boom Lush

Had a great time and can’t wait to see pictures. They are not downloading. Do you have to email them to me or am I just that computer-challenged that I am doing something wrong?

Pictures are being uploaded right now – should all be live by 6pm today Monday!

Val Krall Schaefer

Thank you for a wonderful evening…it only ended too soon! Rocko, “the 2 Jims”, and everyone else involved did a great
job. I wish you the best. If all y’all are ever in TN or passing through, give me a holler!


We had a great time.. Great job by the committee.. Hope to see everyone soon.. How about a picnic and include all the classes from Servite..

barb manor mcnulty

beautiful evening shared with beautiful people. Had a great time thanks to the committee. You all are great!!

Looking back on the reunion makes me smile. It was great seeing everyone. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to catch up on everyone’s life.
Thanks to all of you that made it happen.
Know that you’re remembered in my prayers. Mary

(FYI) Dennis Lamers, Servite High Class of 1961 informed me after the class of 1961 had there 50 year class reunion and since former classmates thought it would be nice to have an annual Servite High get together, Dennis and the class of 1961 organized a yearly get together for burgers and brew…Dennis informed me all are welcome to attend from Servite…You can contact Dennis on facebook at..https://www.facebook.com/dennis.lamers.58?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab

Terrific Reunion! The Servite Reunion Team is remaining active and will be exploring future activities. The next opportunity will be this coming January. All classmates are invited. Details will be announced soon.

Congratulations to the class of 63 for holding their 50th. Had tried to find or provoke the 50th for my class of 62.

Alas it did not happen.

Only made it to my 10th just before I moved permanently from Michigan in August of 1972 to Florida and then to Georgia in 1979.

Best wishes to all of your from the class of 63 who celebrated last October.

Robert “Alan” Black, (FYI)
Jim Wise (Class of 1963) is married to Joanne Vancouwenberghe Class of 1962) Jim and Joanne were on the planning committee for the class of 1962 50 year reunion. If you check http://www.Classmates.com for the Servite High School Class Reunion at 45 years where you will find photos from your class of 1962..Since the class of 1962 had a 45th class reunion I think the 50 year did not get the attendance and had a small gathering…. Any further information you can contact Jim Wise at jwise02@comcast.net
Dennis Lamers dmldml43@yahoo.com (Servite High School class of 1961 has been having yearly get together’s for Burgers and Brew and Dennis said all Servite Alumni are welcome to attend..I know the Servite High School Class (Lou Berra on the planning committee)is planning a 55 year reunion for next year also..

You can find all these individuals on http://www.facebook.com

Tom Veda (Servite High Class of 1963)

I just wanted to write a quick note to the Servite High School Class of 1963 to say “thank-you” for remembering my mother, Janet Menig [Green]. Mom died in 1997 after the breast cancer she beat in 1990 returned and spread quickly to her bones. She was truly an amazing and Godly woman. She married my dad, Jonnie Doil Green, in July of 1966. At only 33 years old, Dad died in 1978 after his liver failed, leaving Mom to raise three children by herself. She managed to deal with her grief, get a job, complete a degree at Macomb County Community College, and make a life for her children. I know she would be deeply moved, as I am, to know that her classmates and friends did not let her memory become lost to time.
–Sincerely, Jay M. Green

Rosemary (Schmidt) Nickerson

Hi Jay,

I just read your comments about your Mom. It brought me to tears. Your Mom was my very best friend growing up. I think about her often.
I was the one who informed the reunion that your Mom had passed. I had found that out when I came across her brother Ron’s obituary that mentioned he was predeceased by his sister Janet.
I was her matron of honor when she married your Dad.
We were in contact with each other until the 20th 1963 servite reunion. I tried to get her to go – but she wouldn’t budge. I used to get Christmas cards with pictures of you and you siblings.
Sometime after that reunion, the contact was broken. I don’t know when you moved after that. Tried U.S.mail and phone calls to reconnect but was not successful.
I truly loved your Mom like a sister. Hopefully, she’s in heaven looking out for those of us she left behind.

Rosemary (Schmidt) Nickerson

Jay M Green and Family:
Your Mom was nice to everyone…what an “Eloquent Tribute” to her….I am sure she is smiling in Heaven.
Rose Adamo

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